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Best of 2008: The Gameops.com Review
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Our annual review of all things operations and entertainment was done by polling a dozen of our most trusted non-biased industry pros.  Of course in an industry so spread out and diverse it impossible to find a large group of people who have see it all, but effort was made to find people who have seen a lot. We also took note of stories and reviews from web sources and industry literature.

In the past six categories were considered. There was a change this year in our awards, Best Vendor Category has been removed as a category due to limited response. Also, in 2008 two new categories will be added and they are introduced below.

Best Act:

The touring act or halftime show that excels in providing quality entertainment for your fans. Consider drawing power, quality, cooperation of the act, media, and value. All touring acts and non-team affiliated shows and performers are considered.

Winner:  Quick Change

When you are looking for the Gold Standard of Halftime Acts, one name is always mentioned:  Quick Change.  David and Dania are a popular standard in the NBA and this year made a splash with the America's Got Talent TV Show.  The added exposure makes them easier to promote and several panelist noted the veteran act's professionalism as a reason for their selection.


Honorable Mention:  Myron Noodleman

For the second year in a row, Myron Noodleman has been tabbed for a Honorable Mention award as Best Act.  The reigning Clown Prince of Baseball's interactive and improvisational show remains a "must have" among minor league baseball teams across the country.

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Best Game Promotion:

What single game night promotion was most effective and creative. An example would be "President's Night" where a team builds an game day promotion around a them like "President's Night", perhaps handing out US flags and having namesakes like "George Washington, Richard Nixon, and George Bush" dropping the puck for a game held on President's Day. Consider creativity, entertainment value, media exposure, drawing power, and execution of the operations.

Winner (tie): 
World's Largest Pillow Fight (Kane County Cougars) and Fan Bailout Plans (St. Louis Blues)

The Kane County Cougars held attempt to break the World's Record for a Pillow Fight this July.  3,872 fans filled the stadium after the game in a well organized melee, including levels of aggression to keep people in areas where they would be interacting with people their age or level of aggression.

“The sights and sounds tonight as part of our world record attempt are exactly what going to a Cougars game is all about – having fun and creating memories that will last a lifetime,” said Cougars General Manager Jeff Sedivy when describing the event. 

The event was sponsored by "Back to Bed" providing a natural sponsor addition.

The team tried in 2007 to set the record and came up short.  They decided immediately to try again in 2008 which helped build fan anticipation for the event and provided a natural storyline for the team to build on.

In a great year of promotions in minor league baseball, the Pillow Fight Record chase stood above the rest.

The Saint Louis Blues joined many teams tapping into economic news and fans searching for value.  The Blues promotion was timely, clever, simple and clear offering ticket discounts as well as a huge prize for a randomly selected fan (4 months of mortgage or rent payments).  

Picked up by many national news sites, this promotion was a hit with fans and our panelists.

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