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Editor Jon Cudo blogs on game operations, mascots, promotions and more:

Gameops.com conducts a monthly interview covering some aspect of the sports entertainment and operations community. On this page you will find a link to the most recent Gameops.com Interview, as well as links to nearly 60 interviews with Industry Leaders from our archives.

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The Pulse
The Pulse is a quick trip around sports asking Game Operations personal a topical question regarding their production or event. We then bulk the answers together in an effort to showcase what's happening around the country at different levels and in different sports.

Six From Six
In 2006 Gameops.com will feature six game reviews from six teams around sports. We have selected teams across different sports, leagues, levels and markets to hopefully give readers a good variety of subjects. For these game reviews we visited each team for a game with one goal: Find six things each team is doing well and discuss how other teams can find similar success by following their lead. At the conculsion of our 2006 tour and content features we will have 36 ways for you to enhance, tweak, adjust and improve your events.

Promotion Pills
Designed to help enhance your promotions with our prescription for extra strength promotional power. These Promotion Pills can be applied to your promotions to enhance them and make them more interesting and effective for fans and sponsors.

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A daily dose of Water Cooler talk, with promotions and moments from all around sports.

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Since 2001 the Gameops.com Best of Awards have been awarded for excellence in game operations and entertainment.