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On Site for Silent Night
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On December 7th, 2012 Taylor University presented their annual Silent Night promotion on their campus located in Upland Indiana about an hour north of Indianapolis.  About 2500 students attend this top-ranked Midwestern private, interdenominational, evangelical Christian college.  While perhaps not the most famous school, it is gaining notoriety for this annual basketball tradition.

On the last Friday of the Fall Semester the Athletic Department plans a special night for students who have just finished their last day of class and are starting their last weekend before finals.  The "Silent Night" game is part of a broader celebration known as "Habecker's Hollapalooza" which also includes a campus-wide Christmas-themed party involving live music, making and eating cookies, and making gingerbread houses. 

Part of the Annual Ivanhoe Classic tournament the Silent Night game has grown into a signature event for the students, Athletic Department and Taylor University. From the start of the team introductions until the Taylor University Trojans score their 10th point everyone in the gym is silent.  When the 10th point is scored, the audience erupts with noise.  In fact, a controlled euphoria breaks out which routinely leads to a time out being called until the celebration is completed.

A small part of skepticism and part curiosity lead me to want to see this promotion in person.  In September I contacted the Athletic Department about attending as media to cover the event, which they quickly accommodated.  Before attending the event in December 2012, Silent Night was also selected by the panel as the Best Game Promotion for 2012.- Best of 2012: The Review

The following is a recap and review from the night including photos and video, but first the more famous viral video created from this year's event from Taylor University...which tells the story well:

With an on-campus student body of roughly 1900 it is truly impressive to see the Trojans pack somewhere around 2500 people into the Odle Arena.  Attendance is about 400-1000 people for Trojan basketball games.  This year's contest was a 6pm start and the first of two games that are part of the Annual Ivanhoe Classic.  [Note: Ivanhoe's is a restaurant in Upland, Indiana famous for its 100 different shakes and 100 different sundaes.]

Page 2 includes background on the early beginnings of Silent Night...

Podcast - December 2012
Best of 2012: The Review
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