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Best of 2010 Audio Roundtable
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On November 29, 2010 we held an audio roundtable with four industry insiders to discuss and review the Gameops.com Best of 2010 Awards.  The panel included Scott Carter, Pat Walker, Benjamin Hill and Jon Cudo.  In this 45 minute audio they look at each of the seven categories and discuss the winners and other notable candidates.

The review includes helpful insight, anecdotes, and tips on how to take your game entertainment elements from very good to the Best.  We also have several links below related to the discussion and the panelists.

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Scott Carter: Scott Carter is a new columnist on Gameops.com, writing the Carter File where he’s made a splash with his look at comping tickets and called for the abolition of Jock Jams.  Scott was the Senior Vice President of Marketing for the Fresno Grizzles who oversaw the Grizzlies promotional schedule and all game entertainment.

Benjamin Hill:  Benjamin Hill has been writing for MiLB.com since 2005 and quickly established himself as the preeminent leader in following everything quirky and off-beat in the world of minor league baseball promotions.  His weekly Promotion Preview is must-read material during the season for any game operations professional.

Pat Walker:  Pat Walker is the President of Pat Walker Productions is a Seattle-based sports entertainment and events firm.  He was the Game Operations Director for the Seattle Sonics and remains a consultant for the WNBA Storm and has directed events such as last year’s NBA All-Star Game in Dallas.  Pat is also a Columnist on Gameops.com where has been writing a regular column called Walk and Talk since April 2008.

Jon Cudo: Cudo is the founder and editor of Gameops.com.  He also writes several times a month on the Editor's Blog on Gameops.com.  A 20-year veteran of game operations and entertainment.

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