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Death to Jock Jams
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Let’s face it, most fans show up to your games and don’t ever think about how much work your team puts into its game presentation.  Attending your game is an escape for them. They’ve already left their own jobs for the day and a night at the ballpark, arena, or stadium is their chance to let loose with family, friends or coworkers. 

Of course, we know how much planning it takes to create an exciting and memorable game experience.  It always amazes me then that so many teams take for granted such a massive part of that game experience.  From the second a fan walks through the turnstiles to the celebration of a come from behind win, there’s one constant current pumping through your venue that keeps the excitement going. It’s music.  It’s the catalyst that reminds your fans that they’re there to have a good time. It sets the tone for everything you do.  It can be the difference between a stale environment and a fresh, can’t miss atmosphere.  It’s the lifeblood of your entertainment operation.

So why then would you ever turn over such an important aspect of your presentation to an intern armed only with some Jock Jams and worn out sound effects?  Every team should have a fully developed stadium music strategy.  Obviously every market is different and every organization is operating with disparate resources, but having a music strategy in place is a simple but essential step in creating an exciting game experience.  Ask yourself, is our music well thought out or is it an afterthought?

Here are some suggestions and tips on putting together a unique stadium music strategy.

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