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New in December 2010, we have added a membership option to  Select content will be tagged as Premium Content in some areas of the site and restricted so only our logged in members can view it.

We initiated this change in order to better understand our readers.  Upon inception, there is no charge for membership (nor are the plan to charge for membership).  Rather we are asking for some minimal information like name, email and which sports you work in.  This allows us better develop content for our readers.

Creating an account is simple and requires only your name, sport and an active email address.  Your confirmation is send via email and clicking the link in the email activates your account so you can see all the Premium Content.  Your information is kept private and we do not sell or distribute our email lists to anyone.

You can register by clicking the REGISTER link at the top of any page. 

Advantages for Members:

  • Premium Content: View all Premium Content while you are logged in 
  • Pre-populated Forms: Forms on will have your member information so you no longer have to type (and re-type) your information when using form, saves time and helps accuracy.
  • Coming Soon- Highlighted Content: When logged in we will feature content for you based on your sport on the home page and select pages.  For example, if you work for a Hockey Team, hockey-related content will be highlighted on the home page when you visit.  Making your visit more efficient and focused.

One note:  The site and The Store on do not share a common database of users, so if you have purchased something on The Store your account is not the same as our site Membership.  Sorry for that lack of synchronization, it is something we will consider for possible future updates.

Look for content marked as Premium with this symbol.  If you are not logged in, instructions will appear for you to log-in or create an account.  If you are logged in we note at the end of articles that you were viewing Premium Content.


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That Promotion was 'BLANK'
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