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In this small segmented market, Gameops.com provides an excellent connection between businesses and teams. Banner ads enable your business to market and brand your products and company with our audience.

If you have a question that is not answered here, please feel free to email us via the contact form (link at the top of each page).

(sample 468x60 ad)

Banner Ad Information

There are several opportunities for your business to reach the Gameops.com audience. Banner ads are available on several locations on Gameops.com. We have built the site to feature the banner ads on the top of nearly every page to maximize exposure.

Our ads feature a unique link to the specialized game operations market, reaching from high schools to professional teams, across all sports and event marketing. We do not bill for click-thrus, but what we do offer is the very unique chance to market, promote and connect your product to our audience.

Over half of our current advertisers have been with Gameops.com for several years, so the ads are proving effective for many businesses and vendors. Ad space is limited to keep our site clean and to enhance the messages of our advertisers.

"Gameops.com has provided Raymond Entertainment the exposure we have been looking for in such a niche market.

Numbers don't lie and the click thru hits we have been getting on our website from Gameops.com have been awesome!

Jon is constantly delivering a better site and Raymond Entertainment will be surfing with Gameops.com the whole way."

-Mark, Lord of the Deal
Raymond Entertainment Group

"This was our first time advertising and we are happy with the exposure."

McLean Sports Marketing

Available on a per month basis:
(3 month minimum, limited space available)
  • Includes banner, optional text, optional alt text designation, and link to your web site.
  • Sizes: 468 x 60 pixels, large top of page banners, like the banner atop this page.
All costs based on monthly placement.

Currently we offer a 1/9 rotational position banner ad placement (This banner rotates between 9 different banners) for $100 (minimum monthly commitment may apply). This banner is seen at the top of each page and measures 468 by 60 pixels.

We can also meet any specific requests you may have, and customize a presence on the site to meet your needs.

Ad Creation:
We can assist with creation of your ads if you don’t have web-ready graphics. Please ask for more details. We create many of the ads, banners and graphics you see on Gameops.com.

Ad Specs:
  • Accepted file format: .gif or .jpeg files.
  • Banner Dimensions: 468 x 60 pixels or 150 x (60 to 100).
  • We can not accommodate sizes larger than listed here.
  • File Size limits: Maximum banner ad size 16,000 bytes (16k)
  • Animation Length: Less than 5 seconds. No flashing banners.
  • Alt Text (optional): One line of alt text (displayed when mouse over graphic). Limited to one line of text (Generally 5 to 8 words).
  • Target URL: Complete URL for the site to be linked to, for example:(http://www.yourcompany.com/welcomepage.htm)
  • All ads are subject to approval of Gameops.com and Mark Out Productions, Inc. We retain the right to refuse any advertiser, text description, URL or graphic for any reason.
  • We also now accept Flash Ads, with the same size maximums listed below
Number of Impressions:

Our ads do not offer guaranteed click-thrus or provide stats regarding page views or hits, since these are often difficult to track and a poor measure of traffic related to your success (see below for details).

We have a couple stats from the last couple years (from Awstats/Gameops.com) to show overall traffic patterns. Again, we track AD VIEWS for our advertisers, which is the most valuable number to consider your marketing success. For example: We had 19,958 ad views in December 2006. Ads are cycled through a random selection of 8 ads, so each one received about 2,495 impressions in that month.

Stats Unique Visitors
Number of Visits
Approx Ad Views per ad
Sept 2011 7,308
2011 avg
thru Sept

Other notes:
  • We do not post ads on our store
  • We measure by the number of times your ad is seen. Some browsers will block javascript ads (which ours are). This accounts for about 5% of the web browsers.
  • Be cautious with web metrics. Numbers can be irrelevant or misleading. We tell you how many times your ad was seen (top of the page) by viewers....which is what matters.
  • "Pages" can be misleading. This web "page" you are looking at is actually made up of several "pages" put together . Depending how your site is built, the number of pages can be very misleading.
  • "Hits" is an even more misleading number. For example, in Dec. 2006 we had nearly 700,000 "hits". We don't list that number since it means nothing to our advertisers. People saw our advertisers banner about 2,500 times that month. I can tell you we had 700,000 "hits", but that doesn't mean anything if you want actual visitors who actually see your ad banner.
  • Gameops.com is the number one web site for our industry, established in 1998 and growing ever since.  No one else comes close in web traffic.
  • Want to read more about how our traffic compares to other industry sites?  Read the Editor's Blog "Why Market on Gameops.com".

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